Headshot: Jewel, a white person with blue-dyed hair cut into a muppetish bob, is wearing a watermelon-colored pashmina scarf, blue glass teardrop earrings shaped like a blobby star, and a lip ring in the middle of her smile.

Senior IT Fullstack Engineer

💎 Jewel (she/her), aka 📯 AndyTuba (they/he), wants to connect the dots on your entire sociotechnical system: customers, client apps, third-party developers, support, engineering, infrastructure, marketing, and sales. She brings an extensive and varied background in architecting full-stack systems, implementing code from client to backend, and managing full-stack engineering teams to build out mobile and web apps and APIs. Jewel's core motivation is to make tech safer, healthier, and more accessible to novices, power users, and folks who want to make neat things happen smoother, shinier, and with more emojis. (Ella también habla español 🇪🇸)


More Experience

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  • Gigya

    2014 - 2015

    Front-End Web Developer, Creative/Interactive

    Gigya's Customer Identity Management Platform allows companies to build rich user profiles from social media accounts, aiding customer engagement and promoting customer loyalty.

    As the Senior Developer for the Creative/Interactive team, Andy maintained and improved Gigya's WordPress homepage, striving to provide the best possible customer experience. He also helped out with the sales and marketing departments, streamlining their processes and helping them to better connect with prospective and existing clients.

    • Developed and maintained Gigya's WordPress homepage, including a custom theme and third-party plugins. Streamline and implement content and layout updates to improve customer experience
    • Selected from existing tools or develop new applications to streamline internal sales and marketing workflows, enhancing Gigya's ability to build and maintain customer and partner relationships
    • Assisted the sales and marketing departments with special projects as requested
  • Sonic Foundry

    2011 - 2014

    Software Design Engineer

    Sonic Foundry is an enterprise web application solution for streaming video and presentations. It provides live and on-demand video playback for events, lectures, podcasts, webinars, and other applications.

    Andy's role as a Software Design Engineer included designing elements of the user interface, building new features, and fixing bugs. He provided continuous platform support for a wide variety of devices and browsers, and also enabled customization and integration into other web applications using JavaScript API.

    • Designed new user interface elements, developed new functionality, and fixed bugs to give end-users the best possible viewing experience
    • Provided continuous platform support to maintain usability across all supported devices and browsers
    • Developed a JavaScript API to enable customers to customize the player's look and feel, and integrate it into other web applications, such as online education portals, blogs, and other Mediasite applications
    • Developed a native iOS app to enable iPhone video playback support and improve user engagement
  • Reddit Enhancement Suite

    Volunteer / Open Source
    2012 - Present

    Senior JavaScript/CSS Developer

    Reddit Enhancement Suite is a popular, open-source, cross-browser web extension which adds extra functionality to reddit.com. This includes style adjustments, custom themes, embedded external content, filters, and a slew of other features.

    Andy has taken a leadership role in reviewing and implementing JavaScript and CSS for Reddit Enhancement Suite. He's fixed bugs, updated code to accommodate changes to browsers and Reddit.com, and provided direct support to end-users. His pet projects include search functionality for RES settings and features, core infrastructure, Bitcoin Tip functionality, and smaller improvements to improve overall usability.

    • Take a leadership role in review and implementation of JavaScript and CSS code
    • Fix bugs and update code to maintain browser compatibility and support changes to reddit.com and external sites like imgur.com
    • Provide direct end-user support to maintain and expand a devoted, enthusiastic user base
    • Manage change log and release notices to maintain a streamlined project infrastructure.
    • Integrate new features including the ability to search for RES settings and features, Bitcoin Tip functionality, and minor improvements to the browser extension overall
  • ShutterCal

    Volunteer / Sandbox
    2009 - 2015

    Front-End Developer

    ShutterCal is a daily photo journal that combines digital photos and text to create a unique, tangible record of your daily life.

    Andy has engaged with this project for several years out of a personal devotion to the project's core concept. He's responsible for building all front-end functionality, integrating third-party functionality, and providing tools and leadership for junior developers.

    • Assist in designing and building the overall product and new features. Use JavaScript, CSS, SASS/Compass, Python, and Django to develop all front-end website functionality to promote an excellent user experience
    • Integrate third-party functionality to maintain seamless accessibility
    • Develop tools for and provide leadership and mentorship to junior developers
    • Implement important new functionality, including an image lightbox viewer, Stripe checkout integration, customization widgets, and an iPhoto export plugin
  • Epic Systems

    2010 - 2011

    Software / Web Developer

    Epic Systems produces software to manage electronic medical records and provide access to data within hospitals and directly to patients.

    At Epic, Andy collaborated with a small team to maintain the corporate intranet home page, an employee and customer directory, interactive maps and forms, and other essential internal tools. He also worked with a graphic designer to create and implement themes to drive user engagement.

    • Developed and implemented new technology for a variety of essential internal tools, including a corporate intranet site, an employee and customer directory, site maps, and HR forms
    • Maintained rich search functionality, pulling from data sources including T-SQL and Caché databases to provide complete and accurate information for internal use.
    • Collaborated with graphic designer to create and implement themes to improve user engagement
  • Netguava


    Web Developer

    Netguava is a web development company that provides website development and hosting for business, personal, and real estate.

    At Netguava, Andy converted graphic design mockups into fully-functional website templates. He also maintained websites for specific clients using Netguava's content management system.

    • Collaborated with graphic design team to convert graphic design mockups into fully-functional website templates for business use
    • Supported and maintained websites for corporate clients after implementation to ensure client and end-user satisfaction
  • Dharma Publishing

    Cazadero, CA
    2009 - 2010

    Shipping Manager, Webmaster

    Dharma Publishing is a non-profit, volunteer-run distributor of Tibetan Buddhist texts and artwork.

    At Dharma Publishing, Andy packaged and shipped merchandise, coordinated warehouse operations, and provided customer service via telephone. As their webmaster, he maintained their online store, maintained customer databases, and developed new web features to drive customer engagement and promote repeat business.

    • Maintained the company's website and online store, driving customer engagement and promoting repeat business. Entered customer data and maintained company databases
    • Packaged and sent books and artwork to businesses and individuals located worldwide.
    • Managed warehouse and shipping supply inventory and provided customer support via telephone, email, and storefront websites
  • University of Delaware

    2003 - 2009

    During his time at the University of Delaware, Andy worked in a variety of positions including Theatrical Technician, Sound Intern, A/V Technician, Webmaster, Programmer, IT Assistant, Teacher's Assistant, and Tutor.

  • Williamstown Theatre Festival

    Williams, MA

    Sound Intern

    • Install, maintain, and run theatrical sound equipment for rehearsals and shows

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